Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick Check-in!

I had an email today that touched me deeply.  A family member of a daisy-maker came upon the squares her sister had made when going through her belongings after she had passed on and wants to send them to me. 

Thanks to the "miracle" of the internet, I looked this member up and realized we are the same age (which I might add is way too young). 

This sister is wrapping up all her sister's loose ends, including her charity work.  I am moved, and it has given me the reminder to check in here more often, to keep focusing on doing what we can to help others when we can.

I don't normally get preachy, but I recently listened to a homily (sermon) where the priest said "Jesus could have cured all people at once with a miracle, but instead he cured those whose paths he crossed, who were present in his life.  Being like Christ means helping when you can and where you can, and in ways you can.  It's not about the big things, it's the little things."

You may not be a religious person, you may even be an atheist.  But I think even common sense tells us that even the little things we do make the world better.

And so, with my hook and my yarn, I will continue to help people.

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Jackie said...

Well said! We all need to live each day as if it were our last and do good things to everyone who crosses our path. It might just be a smile in the checkout line.

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