Friday, November 23, 2012


First, a picture of a daisy afghan that someone else made and sent me a picture. 

So very bright and cheer!  Thanks to R in NYC!

Next, a picture of the daisy afghan I *just* finished from donated squares....

I went with a solid border this time - it is Edie Eckman's Border #30. Still using up my odd skeins of yarn - this one was maroons and blues.


Deborah Mahon said...

Hi, I just requested to join your group to get the pattern because I've been searching for all the flower patterns I can get and came across your pattern used by someone else with your permission. I loved the look of the block and when I got to this site and saw what you were doing I was struck by how stunning these blankets are and that all the squares come from all over. What an amazing work you do. I hope I can get approval so I can send in my square. Kudo's to you.

Deborah Mahon said...

I've been hunting for flowers I could use in different ways when I came across yours on ralvery used with permission in a duffle bag. I got to this site and I'm so very impressed with the amazing job you've done creating these masterpieces using squares you've gotten from all over the place. I hope I can get approved so I can send you mine. I love what you are doing and say kudo's to you.

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