Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Squares

In this photo, we have square from:
4 - Akron, NY
4 - Singapore
1 - Brooklyn, NY
2 - Bassett, VA
3 - Los Angeles, CA
1 - Wallaceburg, Ont (CAN)
1 - Bella Vista, AR
1 - Camp Verde, AZ
1 - Kingsport, TN
1 - Galloway, OH
1 - Jacksonville, FL
4 - P hiladelphia, PA

Squares in this picture are from:
5 - Sherwood, OR
2 - Pretoria, South Africa
3 - North Charleston, SC
7 - St. Claire Shores, MI
(4 are duplicates)
3 - Erlanger, KY

Square in this photo are from:
6 - Muncie, IN
1 - Mullen, NE
5 - Revere, MA
2 - Bristol, CT
2 - Boise, ID
1 - Rochester, NY
2 - Selangor, Malaysia
1 - Windom, MA
1 - Wilkes Barre, PA

Squares in this photo are from:
10 - Phoenix, AZ
2 - Flomaton, AL
2 - Okinawa, JAPAN
4 - Waco, TX

Thank you all for the wonderful additions!


Judy said...

WOW! When on earth are you going to find the time to join all these??
They really look pretty...
I'm going to attempt my first one after this comfortghan I'm making is finished...days away now.

VovoBaisa said...

oi querida Krstal!
Lindos os seus trabalhos. Infelizmente, não achei uma forma de enviar mais squares. A taxa de Correio é muito cara. Bj. Baísa

JusOneKiss said...

2nd picture from the top, 4 of those square are from Palmdale, CA (including the pinwheel star - as I sent them...:P )....beautiful grouping of new squares Krystal, and I love the pastel you just made!!!!

Sandy said...

These colors are fabulous!!! I love seeing them all layed there together. What a cool pattern. I would love to try my hand at that, though I confess, I had to tuck ends and am looking at the changing color.

I read your method for connecting and absolutely am going to try that. I sorta burned out on making grannies because all the edging, joining, tuckin ends etc. got tiring. But, it's been awhile since I've done them so it would be fresh again.

I have a yahoo blog, but have been in the process of deleting it, so much over there doesn't seem to be working right now for months.

I would like, if at all possible to bypass joining a group on yahoo. Is that possible at your end?

Was working tonight or some grannies, just the basic one for a couple of different groups. Grannies are such good ways to use up odds and ends I think of yarn.

Pop in for a visit, welcome mats always out; and let me know whether I can avoid joining the yahoo group.

What a wonder group of causes.
Have a good wkend,

teakaycee said...

Love ... Love ... Love your design and your charity project!!!
God Bless you!!!

You've also been tagged. :)
Check my blog for the rules.

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