Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Here are FIVE from Wenatchee, WA and another from Atlanta, GA. The five multicolored ones
are from WA. OK, you say - those five don't have a black OR a white background. You're right! It wasn't that I had an affinity for black and white backgrounds, it's just that I thought that would be the easiest to make sure they all sorta matched. I'm going to work these into the black and/or white background afghans - maybe in the center, maybe in the corners, I dunno! I'll see what I've got and where they "go". I'll tell ya, though - I'm finding just HOW MUCH I love the variegateds. My kids said the two green/blues remind them of geckos, the one in the bottom center reminds them of rainbow sherbet. Here's more ideas for those out there thinking of what colors to make THEIR squares for their own use!

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