Friday, December 08, 2006

Buncha buncha flowers!

Here are 6 that I received today. The one with the black background was one I made. I published instructions on a yahoo group with pictures and needed to do another square to use for pictures. The top two with the white background are from Clinton TWP, MI. The next row of three are from Goleta, CA. The bottom one is from Rockford, MI.

A lot of ladies are sending apologies for not sending exactly the right pastel shade, etc. Others are apologizing for not getting it "right". I'll tell you - I have yet to receive a square that I can't use! I'm thankful for all your efforts, especially those of you who have sent MULTIPLE squares. You're all wonderful people and have done a great job - I can't wait to get these afghans together and you can all be proud of your wonderful labors of love!

There is also NO deadline. I hope to START putting these afghans together after the first, but if squares keep getting requested and keep trickling in, I hope to add some of my own squares (because Lord knows I have a HUGE stash!) and make many afghans! Keep the requests for pattern and the squares coming in!

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