Saturday, August 19, 2006

Started a new afghan "Spring Throw"

I started an afghan with my new treasures. It is white with pastel yellow and blue, and is a pattern called "Spring Throw" from Quick & Cozy Afghans. All of this yarn came from E0002, and it should work up quickly because I'm using a K hook. Keep in mind I have 6 other blankets (all Xmas presents for friends & Family) so it isn't going to FLY! It has vertical strips that are white in the middle, then yellow worked around the white, then blue worked around that. I will post a picture when I get the first strip done! I figure it will look really nice for a toddler boy - it should wind up about 60" long and about 40" wide. I have a friend in Roswell, maybe her family would take it in for me when it's done.

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