Friday, August 18, 2006

Picked it ALL up!

Well I will try this again! First time I accidentally deleted this. I picked up about 30 POUNDS of yarn today! I see some matching skeins and balls, which will make whole afghans with little effort at matching! I found some hot pinks, oranges and lime from C0001 which will match my "Tween" daisy afghan I have in progress. It's orange, hot pink, lime, grape, turquoise and sunshine yellow. Psychedelic!

I have a bag of rug and craft yarn from K0005 which I think I will make walker caddies out of, too. E0002 already wound HUGE balls of yarn for me, some pretty blues and off-whites. I have to weigh those to see what size blanket they'll make - whether I want to add some darker blues for a big afghan or just keep it as is for a baby afghan. A0003 has some pretty peaches, and I already have a ton of peach here - hopefully the hues will match and I can make them all work together.

I think first on the list will be some preemie hats from this really fluffy chunk cream yarn from C0001. Forgot to mention that S0004 not only gave me yarn, but about 15 grannies already made with it! Can you get any better than that? Looks like I can match the gauge pretty well, too. Thank you ladies!

Now, I have to go hide this all before DH comes home. It's always better if this stuff just magically "appears" when I want it, rather than he see the bags come in! We all have our little ways, don't we?

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