Thursday, October 03, 2013

Timing is Everything!

You may remember a few weeks back I was talking about making scarves to donate to a local shelter that serves the homeless, poor and destitute with clothing, meals, social services.....

I lead a scattered life geographically so quite often I just carry donations around in my truck and when I'm passing through, try to unload.  Well, I've passed through the shelter's area twice now, but always in the morning! 

I happened to be on their FB page and noticed that their MAIN FUNDRAISER is coming up, and they have a "Decades-Theme"... and part of their logo that I saw said GROOOOOOVY.  And, they have a basket raffle!

Well, what did I think of?

Of course, a Daisy Afghan!

Contacted them yet again, and in addition to getting my bag of men's clothes (Thanks, Dad!) and scarves, they are also getting the most recent black background daisy afghan. 

See their website, see what they are doing to help out.... contribute financially if you're so inclined.  See if you can find something like this in your area where so many generous people are giving a hand to those in need.

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