Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mindless Scarf

I have finished up the scarf using the Mindless pattern.  I'm using 12" circulars and it is a nice, cozy scarf.  It's definitely for a big person as it's over 8" wide and probably about 8 feet long.

I used up a bunch of balls of yarn that seemed to have no other use.  I rarely use these colors and somehow acquired these odd balls of yarn.  I intend on keeping all of these double-thick scarves that I am making and donate them to Friends of the Night People in the fall once it starts to get cold.

Here is the next one I started as well.  This one is brights and black.  My DD9 took all of my "golf balls" and sorted them by color, then paired them up into two sets that were relatively equal.  She then strung them onto a string so that I can easily grab the next one, making this a great travel WIP.

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