Thursday, June 09, 2011

Download Status

To all the blog readers:

The journey has come to an end. I embarked on this venture as a fluke, and continued with it because I was amazed at the kindness and generosity of the crocheters throughout the world (literally).

In the past few months, I have seen more than my share of those people who seem to not understand charity, not understand kindness, and most of all who on a regular basis really make my days filled with more strife and disappointment than happiness.

I have received emails telling me how horribly written my pattern is, that it is unfit for offering. I have received nasty replies to my denials to the group because I am trying to protect members from spammers with vague applications. Recently, my appeals to those trying to profit from the pattern to cease and desist have been met with implications that I am a bully and have no right to request that my intellectual property be used for the greater good.

And so, I have decided to close the door that welcomed the generous people for so long, but now brings to me those that lack empathy, kindness and decency. My energies will be solely directed now at creating beautiful gifts from the squares I currently have, and having only positive thoughts in my head, heart and hands as I think of the people out there that UNDERSTAND not only how to turn fiber into finished product, but also that there is another level where we take that gift we are given to make gifts for others.



Cris said...

Obviously I have no clue of what goes on behind the scenes or the history of it all - but it is a shame that a charitable giving program is ending.

Captain and Hubs said...

It seems like I'm a few hours too late. I just started learning to crochet and saw your daisy squares online. I thought they were so pretty that I hunted for the pattern until I found...this. =0( At first I was really excited to see that the pattern was being used for charity, but I guess people haven't been very supportive. That's kind of horrible. If you ever decide to give out the pattern again, please let me know. I'd be happy to send you lots of squares, as I end up donating all my blankets anyway.

Tersa said...

Can I still send you the squares I made? I have been meaning to send them for WAY too long!

Krochet Krystal said...

Yes, you can!

Petchosaurus said...

Hi Krydstal,
My name is Sumawan from Thailand but now living in Philippines. I downloaded your pattern for a while but haven't started yet. I am a beginner in crocheting who, so far have not tried any square. I crocheted a few small (and ugly) amigurumifor my son. One day I saw your pattern and fell in love with it and downloaded it. Yesterday I thought about the Daisy and visited your blog as I would like to start working the square. I noticed that you have received only 1 square from Thailand so I intended to finish one and send it to you.

Today I came again and saw your latest comment which I did not understand why they treated you like that because you are so nice and kind to share the pattern for a long time and what you asked from us is for CHARITY!! I am really sorry reading what had happened to you and think that the people who did such things to you were horrible.

I read many of your posts yesterday including the one that you said you had to buy things to be used to assemble the square and most importantly, you spent your time assembled them which impressed me. You did not just donate the money or donate things to be given away. I appreciated what you have been doing which proved to me that nice people like you are still exist somewhere in the world today.

I had spent 14 years in one convent school in Bangkok surrounded by kind nuns who were also my teachers. Those nuns not only helped people without asking things in return themselves, they also had us students joined in different activities consistently. What they did opened our eyes to see the real world that there were a number of people suffering from different reasons. They taught us to truly "give" those with less opportunity whenever we could. What you have done made me tough of them and their kindness.

So I write this to tell you that I think I somehow understand how you would feel now. I know that it takes more than just a few donations to be a good person. Endless efforts, intention and good wishes towards others are only part of them. Please don't be discouraged by those sick people and please don't give up your good work. There are some people like me who acknowledge what you've done and appreciated you but these people may forget to let you know that. I really want you to know this because I'm sure now it will help you fight the devils and go on with your excellent work.

I am sorry I did not write you prior to this because English is not my first language so I have to spend quite a long time to write an email that after reading it you would understand what I want to tell you (example of selfishness). I shouldn't have forgotten that in doing so would at least make you happy. I forgot that good people also need consistent encouragement nso from now on if I appeciate someone, I must let he/she know immediatelty. I believe that for good people like you would not need money, fame, etc, you only want to be proud for good things you have done. Not sure if it's true.

Fight Krystal fight!! Plase excuse my poor English, whouldn't you?.


Cathy said...

Wow! How sad! I can't believe people would treat you that way! I had no problems following your wonderful pattern and had no problem sending you a block in "payment" for the pattern. I enjoyed getting to be a part of your endeavor. :) I do hope you'll continue to post pictures of the items you do make- the afghans are always gorgeous! And feel free to post other fiber adventures you pursue! :)

yarn_lady said...

hello Krystal,
I am saddened to read this post :( I too have been ,lax in sending you a square but now I shall not procrastinate any further. I had no problem in understanding the pattern and I believe you have a wonderful talent in designing and a huge heart to help those in need.


"Never Knew" said...

I, too, am in the same situation as Tersa, and would like to send you the squares I made.

I am so sad to hear that these things have been happening to you. Your blog and your project came from your desire to do good in the world; it is hard to believe that such negative messages would come your way.

My mum and I love your pattern, and we are grateful that you so generously shared it with so many people.

My mum is currently making a blanket using the pattern and she plans to donate it to a local nursing home. I am sure she is not the only one. Even if your blog ends, people will still be using your pattern to continue giving!

Thank you for this wonderful idea and for your generous spirit. I wish you the best always.
Caz from Never Knew :)

Rebecca said...

I just discovered your pattern. Could you make an exception and send me the instructions. It's so beautiful. I'll happily send you a sample from Israel. Too sad about all those mean people. Thanks.

Maryfairy said...

Krystal, So sorry to hear that you have had a hard time from the minority, but rest assured that the majority really appreciate you kindness in sharing your beautiful pattern. I have certainly thoroughly enjoyed making the daisies and they have been well received whenever I have given them as gifts to family members.
I wish you well in your future ventures.
God Bless

europas_ice said...

I'm so impressed by all the effort you've put into these afghans for charity over the years. Thanks for all your effort. The pattern is beautiful.

Carol said...

So sorry to hear that many don't apprexiate your honesty and creativeness to help others it is a sad world today people are taken for granite. I always enjoy your site for beautiful afghans and great pattern ideas. I love seeing squares coming from all over and how beautiful the afghans turn out. I do think it is wonderful that you have help many people. Take care be well.

Mandi said...

I am so sad to read this. I just stumbled upon your pattern today and would love to help out, but alas I missed the boat. It makes me so sad to learn that you have had to shut the door on this. Please let me know if you do decide to share this pattern again, as it is beautiful and I would be happy to donate some squares. HUGS!!!

Mandi said...

I am SO SAD to read this. I just happened upon the pattern today, but I am too late! Please let me know if one day you share the pattern again, as I would love to share some squares! HUGS! And thank you for all of the hard work you have done!

Penny-B said...

Hi Krystal,
I finally decided to make a Groovyghan after seeing the versions with your daisy square, which really reminded me of the time of Flower Power when I learned to crochet.

I'm sorry you've removed your pattern. I hope you'll make it available again at some point in time. There are those of us who would truly love to have it and would cheerfully help with your charitable endeavors.

Penny-B said...

Hi Krystal,
I finally decided to make a Groovyghan after seeing the versions with your daisy square, which really reminded me of the time of Flower Power when I learned to crochet.

I'm sorry you've removed your pattern. I hope you'll make it available again at some point in time. There are those of us who would truly love to have it and would cheerfully help with your charitable endeavors.

bryteyes44 said...

I just read your blog and it's a shame how cruel people can be--it seems like some people just have to have a say in EVERYTHING whether they know anything about the subject or not! I have printed copies of the pattern and plan on trying my hand at them. I looked at your finished afghans and they are beautiful!!!! You have created a beautiful pattern and I have seen various people change it up a little and it is still so pretty. If mine turn out, I too will send you some--I would be proud to be part of such a project. Although some do tend to be cruel, I bet the good-hearted people greatly outweigh the party-poopers, so keep up the great work!

BeMedina said...

Krystal, you don't know me; I downloaded your pattern many years ago but never make a square from it; recently some crocheting friends in the same situation decided to make the squares to send you before using it in our charity baby afghans here in Brazil; what I want to know is if your snail mail address is still the same. My email is mabelistas at gmail dot com if you prefer to send a private e-mail.

Nancy said...

I too am sad to read that you are stopping the project. I am just learning to crochet and wanted to try your lovely flower. If you able to send it that would be great. If not, I understand. I find most patterns hard to comprehend the first time, but with a little trial and error, I can usually figure them out. I think your project was a huge success. It's a shame how some people act when they can hide behind their keyboards. Best wishes to you in the future!

Sandyhook said...

How sad that a few selfish and arrogant people have ruined your selfless work. I am sorry to hear about this. I sent you a square a couple years ago and was thrilled to see it in a photo you took of one of your afghans. I just want to thank you for all you have done and send you some well deserved best wishes!


Heather said...

So sad! I just saw your square and was hoping to download. I cannot believe the gall of some people. If you ever consider it, I would gladly pay for a copy of the pattern. The proceeds could be sent on to this worthy cause.

Miriam said...

Hi I have seen the beautiful flower in many of the afghan on Raverly and I was very happy to find the link. I am very sorry that people does not appreciate the efforts that some do in order to help others. I am in a crochet group and we make chemo caps. cat blankets (they are not picky with colors or stitches), and now we have a new project, "Purple Scarf." So I would like to say a phrase that my grandmother told me several times, "You give from what you have not from leftovers." Donating your time to put those afghan together and giving them to people who needs it is what is important.
If you ever consider selling your pattern or giving it again, please let us know.
Thank you very much.
PS our group is "Yarn Projects from the Heart".

needlekrafter said...

Your painstaking hard work is appreciated... wish that I'd come across your blog sooner. Your daisy square is beautiful, and the recipients of the blankets surely will be comforted by such beautiful afghans. Don't let the comments get you down-- you've coordinated something really great here... Thanks for all you did!

Sandy K said...

I see I'm not the only one that loves your pattern. Its sad that the nasty ones have to ruin it for the rest of us. If you decide to put the pattern back on your blog could you let me know. Thank you for all the work you do for the others. I know they really appreciate it. Your a very kind person. Thanks again Sandy

Roxy said...

Wow I am so sorry to hear people have been so nasty to you. I wish I would have discovered your program earlier as I would love to have been a part of it all. :) said...

I guess I'm a little late finding the pattern but I just saw a beautiful afghan from it on Ravelry today. I'm sorry that people have treated you so unkindly when you were only thinking and doing for others. It's a shame. I hope you will eventually forget all those bad experiences and remember only the generous spirit of the people who understood your mission and shared in it. Bless you.

Grantham Crochets said...

I am soo dissapointed in this being closed.. not only is this a BEAUTIFUL design, I would totally be up for the project!!!

FunWithFabric said...

Like others here I was devastated to see that this pattern and every thing it stood for has come to an end. I first found you around 4 months ago and promised myself i was going to find the perfect yarn and then come back for the pattern. Yesterday I found it. Love and Peace cotton from Bernat. I spent hours last night and today trying to find the pattern until I finally came back to your site. I am so sorry that it all had to end this way. There are always some "bad apples". Even though I dont have the pattern I totally believe in what you are doing. I myself have yarn I would love to donate if you would like to assit you with finishing off what you have. And if you decide to share your pattern again. Please let me know. I am going to put away my perfect yarn until then. If you are interested in the yarn please email me with your address.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, and sadly, I'm not surprised either :(

I enjoyed making the pattern and I enjoyed the finished product. It has been donated to the Warm Hands Network for the aboriginal communities in Northern Canada where.

Anita's blog post shows a picture of the completed blanket, as well as this commentary:

"Lynn, I do have one grievance: I'm working on a crochet blanket right now, and my boy was watching me take pictures of your stuff. He took a look at your stunning flower crochet and said, "why can't you do something like that?" Um, because I only know one stitch and can only crochet in a straight line. Can you please comment though and let me know where you got the flower pattern? The back is just as pretty as the front."

Can I email a copy of the pattern to Anita, or would you prefer not?

Rhonda said...


I am so sorry that you had such a negative experience. I fell in love with your pattern as soon as I saw it. I realize that I am too late to the party but I wanted to let you know how sorry I am that there are ungreatful mouthy people in the world and I am sorry you had to run into so many of them.

There is nothing like trying to do something kind and generous and getting kicked in the teeth for your effort. I am sad that the pattern is no longer available, but I am glad there are people like you in this world pushing back against the darkness. I understand and respect your decision. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I am greatful that that there are people like you in this world.

vibrantautumn said...

Krystal. Sorry you ran into the ungrateful people without charity.
I would like to ask a favor. I am from Joplin, MO and we were devastated by an F5 tornado on May 22, 2011. We are now rebuilding and there are so many that have lost all. I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the daisy afghan pattern. I would like to get some other to help me and make afghans for the children that have lost all there personal items. It will be a little sunshine blossoming as they begin to reconstruct their lives.
Thank you for considering my offer. You may emil me at

Thank you.

Disneypal said...

Wow, I'm really sorry that you were treated like that. I, for one, thought your pattern was written VERY well and appreciated your efforts on gathering these squares for charity and turning them into afghans (I sent you 4 squares myself)

Thanks for all you did in making this pattern and providing it for those that did understand the meaning of charity.

Disneypal said...

I am so sorry you were treated so poorly, especially since I thought your pattern was wonderfully written (I sent you 4 squares) and really admired the work you did to help those in need.

It is a shame that some people don't understand the meaning of charity. Thanks for all you've done.

EasyPeasy said...

I just found your beautiful daisy pattern at Ravelry. So sad to see what has been going on with it. I wish I had found the pattern sooner. Would have loved to make squares for charity. Since it is no longer available for charity use, will the pattern become available for purchase? I'm interested if it is.

Aim said...

Oh, Krystal, I am so sorry that it turned into something so ugly. You are to be commended for your pattern-writing, your generosity, and your creative energy that has been used for such amazing good! The world is full of ugly; whatever you do, don't let it tear you down, for it is the people like you that make it a worthwhile place to live after all is said and done. I thank you for all you've accomplished and shared. Hugs, Aim

memyselfandi said...

It is sad that there are such nasty people in the world.
I am so sorry you were treated that way.

Modelwidow said...

I've just popped over from Ravelry where I was looking at your afghans and am absolutely shocked that people could be so hurtful - You created a lovely square, and were willing to share it, not for your own profit like many but for the benefit of others. I thought it was a wonderful idea and happily sent my square off to you.

I am so sorry to hear that such a kind gesture has been met with such unpleasantness.

Modelwidow said...

I've just popped over from Ravelry where I was looking at your lovely afghans and am absolutely shocked that people could be so hurtful - You created a lovely square, and were willing to share it, not for your own profit like many but for the benefit of others. I thought it was a wonderful idea and happily sent my square off to you.

I am so sorry to hear that such a kind gesture has been met with such unpleasantness.

melsdaisypatch said...

Just found the square linked from SIBOL. Wanted to download it to make a few for them. I'm so sorry that you have been bullied like this. We as humans can be so cruel to one another. Like I always tell my kids "If there isn't anything nice coming out of your mouth please keep it closed." and "Would you want someone to say or do that to you?" People don't think. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do and don't let them stop you from doing it!!

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