Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Squares Received

JB - Southfield, MI
S - Penfield, PA
KN - Toledo, OH
RW - Newton, NC
AN - Ribe, Denmark
JO - Chesterfield, VA
JF - Hiram, OH


Joyce said...

Oops, I'm '?' from Chesterfield - initials are JO - sorry 'bout that. Btw, love this pattern and have joined the Ravelry group - Thanks for a great pattern!

anfromdenmark said...

I´m anfromdenmark and sent my square from Ribe, Denmark april 28.
Just like Joyce: oops, my initials are AN. Sorry I didn´t write it in the letter.
Dear Krystal - I learned some great technics from this pattern, thank you.

Rosa said...

I just realized you are no longer offering this pattern. I did read your comments and am so sorry you had to be put through this for being so kind. I just don't understand the nerve of some. Anyway your pattern is lovely and I wish you every happiness!! Sincerely Rosa.

Rosa said...

I am so sorry you had to go through this for being so very generous. I hope your charity blanket was a success. I just realized that you are no longer accepting members. I wish you the best of luck.....Sincerely, Rosa.

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