Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Babette-style blanket

If you're a member of the Yahoo group, you might be aware that I am going to do a different project in October. Over the years, I have accumulated squares as donations that don't follow the color scheme and/or they are way smaller or larger than others that I have.

In the fashion of the Babette blanket, I am going to attempt to make a blanket that utilizes these "odd" squares, by adding rounds and joining them to make a contiguous afghan. It will still used daisy squares, but random colors and sizes.

To that end, on Yahoo! the group I have written the specifications for how people can participate. Feel free to check out the group and join in.

I decided to have a little fun today and took all the squares that I had in my "oddball" bag, and I had a whole lot mroe than I thought I did. So, I sorted them by hue:

First up is the neutrals: tans, browns, greens like you'd find in the forest.

This is the mid-range colors: pinks, purples, greens that are a little deeper than pastels..

And here are the BRIGHTS!!!

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