Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DaisyZag ... done and border

The zigzag daisy is finished! It came out pretty square, which wasn't planned, but I suppose I should have realized! I am quite sure that the hospital will find a happy recipient.

I try to make each one even just a slight bit different. First, because I want each to be unique in its construction as well as its design. Second, I don't want to get bored doing the same old thing!

You can find instructions on how I bordered and assembled this afghan in "ripple" style here. The border is simple:

Round 1: Join black yarn with slip stitch in the 2nd dc of any outer corner, sc in each stitch across until the 2nd st before the next valley. Do a sc dec across the next two sts (insert hook in next st, yo, pull through, insert hook in next st, yo, pull through, yo and pull through all loops on hook). Sc dec in next st as well. sc in each dc across to next outer corner and do 3sc in 2nd dc of the corner grouping. Continue around in this fashion until you are back to the corner you began with and do 2 more sc in beginning st.

Round 2: ch2 , do rhc in same st (yo insert hook in st indicated yo, pull through, yo, pull through all loops on hook), ch1, YOUR NEXT STITCH IS IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION YOU USUALLY WORK IN. If you are right-handed, you will be working CLOCKWISE. If you work left-handed, you will be working COUNTER CLOCKWISE. sk next st in the reversed direction, and then do a rhdc into the next st in the reversed direction... Keep working in this fashion: *rhdc, ch1, sk next st* When you get to an outer corner, you will need to do a rhdc, ch1, rhdc in same st. When you get to an inside corner, do not do anything differently.


Shelby said...

Looks great Krystal!! I really like the zigzag look.

NorthernSuze said...

Nicely done. I think this one is my favourite...until I see the next one. Keep up the beautiful work!

mommylopez said...

That is wonderful. Great Job!

Alesha said...

Looks great! Thanks for all you do. God bless. ♥

Alesha said...

Looks great! Thanks for all you do. God bless. ♥

DeboraPortela said...

Beautiful, as everything you do.
Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your blog.

Hobby Knitter said...

That is just lovely, just like the rest of them. Keep up the good work as your reward is waiting for you for sure. Roberta

nanna said...

I've tried making the blocks to the size you want,but no matter what size crochet hook I use its either to big or to small.

Krochet Krystal said...

Nanna - as long as you're in the range of 6" to 9", I will most likely be able to find a set of squares to use it with. It might take me a little longer for it to be used in a final afghan, but please don't stress that much about perfect gauge!

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