Monday, October 12, 2009

Unlabeled Squares - PLEASE HELP

These squares got separated from their packages and I don't know where they are from, so if these are yours, could you please help me and let me know where they are from?

Thank yoU!


celiabe said...

Admiro tu trabajo¡¡

quiltaroo said...

Hi Krystal!

Sorry, I can't help with the unlabelled squares, but I wanted to thank you for updating your blog - It is SO cool to see all the squares you have coming in, and some of the fantastic colourways.

(Thanks also for noting that the money arrived safely, it seemed much more sensible to send that, than more squares from our unlovely local yarns...)

May the Lord Bless you!


Brigitte said...

sorry, cant help with these squares, but im still missing the one i sent to you one year ago, so it is lost by sure. pity.
love, molli

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