Sunday, August 31, 2008

Special Mail Surprise!!

I came home last night after a VERY long day... the start of a VERY long wedding weekend (not mine, TG!)... and found a very large box waiting for me.

Inside this box was a gorgeous daisy afghan already made in white background, light purple, yellow and green. Also included were tags and some more ssquares for other afghans! I don't have time right now to photo it (wedding is this afternoon!) but hope to do so on Tuesday. Thank you SO much!

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cattiekit said...

Hee hee hee. I'm guessing you're a lot closer to your 1000-square goal. ;>D

I'd like to do an afghan for you every once in a while - the pattern is so fun to do and the result is so rewarding.

I forgot to include a note to identify myself as the former Buffalonian who's now living in NM - Lynn.

Not that it entirely matters - I just want to help with the load you've taken on with the charity afghans. :>)

-Lynn (Ravelry ID: cattiekit)

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