Friday, November 02, 2007

Today's progress

Today's Audiobook: The Jane Austin Book Club

Well, thanks to some insomnia last night, I got more of the black semicircles done; I'm over half done. I'm not going to put them at the top - that will be just plain black there. I also toyed with how I wanted the color stripe to work, and got that situated. Fortunately, the design allowed me to start the yellow on the one end when I haven't started the black! I might get the rest of the semi-circles done tonight, but I'm thinking it will be more like tomorrow. It's turning out like I wanted, but it sure is time-consuming!

I'm not sure if I'll bother to post the pattern, because the count is completely specific to this afghan's squares. What do you think? Post a comment!

ETA: I just received a donation of six skeins of RH Hokey Pokey in this awesome Lime Green color. I think it would look fantastic on this border! I am going to see if it looks good with the yellow, or if I just stick to all the lime green. What timing!


Lynne E. said...

When you get a chance, why don't you post a "generic" pattern, saying conceptually how to go about joining the squares and adding the edging? Your afghan is just stunning so far!

Beth N said...

Lynne's idea seems like a good one--to post the generic pattern. I can't decide which ones are my favorites--the black/vivid or the white/pastel . They are both beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Post the pattern by all means. Lots of people have your pattern for the Daisy Square. And I think they would love to have the pattern to finish off a ghan of their own if they decide to make one. Each one of those squares owns a person who has the pattern you created. If they used your square they can use your half circle.

crochetmomma said...

hi i was wondering how u did ur edging for ur daisy afghan... what a awesome job... thanks hope u can share it soon thanks

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