Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Smack my head

It dawned on me last night. After ALL of the thinking and considering that I did through this border, it hit me last night what I did wrong. At the valley of each scallop, I did a dc5tog, but then I only did a 2dc inc twice in each scallop - I dropped two stitches each row on each scallop. Now wonder it's doing goofy things. Now to decide whether to rip out the colors or leave it. I just am not happy sending something out that looks messed up. I think it's going to get ripped out. :(


Lynne E. said...

Go ahead and rip it. It'll only take a few days to redo it, and then you'll be happy with the result!

MYhoneyNme said...

Hello! I just found your blog, and fell in love with your scalloped edged blanket!!! I love the colors, and I love the edging, it's absolutley to die for!!! If you would share the EXACT pattern with me, from the joining of the squares to the "corrected" scalloped edging, I would be the happiest person!!!! My 2 yr old daughter and 2 young nieces would be so happy to be the recipients of this blanket. It's something they could have for years and years and it would never be "out of style"!! Please, I beg of you, SHARE!!! LOL
Many thanks, Rita

Anonymous said...

You have to be happy with your work. You can do it!

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