Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daylight Savings Time?

Well, it's now 6:40, but I've been up since my internal clock said 6:30... that is, an hour and ten minutes ago! The whole house is still asleep, or I'd have a picture for you...

I finished all of the semicircles. I started the yellow row and realized I could do yellow on a scallop and then black on the same scallop, so I'm progressing by leapfrogging, doing two rows at a time. Saves me from having to turn the piece so many times. I'm halfway around with the yellow and black. Right now it looks like a bee, but later it will look better with other colors on it. I'm thinking I might go back to my original plan of having orange, then red, then maybe green or blue as well (depending on length) instead of using the Hokey Pokey. With 6 skeins of it, I'll be able to make another afghan with just the Hokey Pokey and some white or something. I think I'll save it for that "something special"...

I'll get a pic later!

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