Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trying a new border, a few squares

Here are a few squares from Palmdale, CA. I have the pattern fro the pinwheels square (bottom right), but it it VERY awesome in person!

All of these came from a mother-daughter team in Grants Pass, OR!!! Wow!

Here's what I worked on yesterday on the afghan. I joined that last vertical row and edged one round of sc. I am trying to invent a new border - I have visions of a scalloped ripple all along the sides, after these half-circles all around, I will do a round of color, then a round of black, then another of color, another of black, etc. It's all still in the "figuring" stage, so keep your fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on this one it looks great!

MAIZEE said...

Hi! Checked back in here after getting your e-mail and I see my squares. Also am seeing the pinwheel square. That is really pretty. I'm hopefully planning on making you a few more Daisys sometime. Right now I'm so busy with work and trying to finish up Christmas gift items. So maybe sometime after then. I love making the Daisy but it goes very slow for me. I really have to concentrate while working around the petals, but the finished block is worth it. You said you had the pinwheel pattern. Is it just a pattern on line or can you e-mail it like you did the daisy? I'd like to try it.

I'll be checking back to follow your progress. Those Daisys make an absolutely beautiful afghan. And I LOVE the scalloped edge. So inventive.

Slicer said...

Love the edging you're doing on them, hope it works out!


krochetkrystal said...

Here's the pinwheel star:

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