Monday, August 06, 2007


Sorry for not keeping this up... but finally, some order!

Was gone for 10 days on vacation and just could NOT get the time to get those squares taken care of before I left. I enlisted some help, and now I've got them all ready to go. Here are my 4 kids, each doing what they can to help me get all these squares taken care of!

Row 1: Lancaster, CA; Lyman, NE; Lancaster, CA

Row 2: Moji das Cruzes, SP (Brazil) (2); Lancaster, CA

Row 3: Lucinda, PA; Millport, NY

R1: Kingman, AZ; Ft Worth, TX; Kingman, AZ; Schoharie, NY

R2: Utica, MI; Schoharie, NY; Ann Arbor, MI; Kingman, AZ

R3: Buckeye, AZ; Richmond, CA; Kingman, AZ; Schoharie, NY

R4: Chico, CA; El Paso, TX (2); Chico, CA

R5: Lancaster, CA; Leeds, W. Yorkshire (UK); El Paso, TX; Millport, NY

R6: Lancaster, CA; Northhampton MA; Lancaster, CA

R1: Miamisburg, OH; Newcomb, TX (2); Ann Arbor, MI

R2: Oshkosh, WI; Utica, MI (2); Ann Arbor, MI

R3: El Paso, TX (2); Newcomb, TN (2)

R4: Lancaster, CA (3); Lumberton, NJ

R5: Lancaster, CA (3); Merced, CA

R6: Calgary, AB (Canada)

Greendale, WI; N. Kensington, PA; El Paso, TX

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