Monday, May 21, 2007


FINALLY getting caught up again! There's been a whole slew of squares coming in, and I finally sat down with my son to get these all labeled and photographed.

In the first picture, we have:
R1: Ft. Wayne, IN (2); Tavistock, Devon UK (2)
R2: Flomaton, AL; Miami, FL; I DON'T KNOW; Phildadelphia, PA
R3:Ronkonkoma, NY (2);Wills Point, TX (2)

These 6 squares are all from Windber, PA. This ingenious lady made another 2 squares out of thread (looks like size 3) and stitched them together on the last dc round, and made a keychain out of them! Isn't that adorable? And she sent this as a present just for me!

These 6 are from Elhart, IN

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