Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well, now that the Stashghan is done (and in the mail), I have returned to the daisy afghan. Weekdays I don't get to crochet nearly as much, but I have ALL of the squares bordered, and they are sewn into their rows, and I have one row started sewn onto the main afghan. I have decided that I am going to do a shells border - I did this on my daughter's Xmas afghan, and I loved it. One of the rows I will do in Periwinkle, I think, then another row in black to end it. I like periwinkle because it is bright, but not necessarily "pink" or "purple".

No squares arrived today. I wonder if the mailpeople do some funny stuff, because on the days I GET squares, I get a whole bunch of them. Then for days I will get none. I can't wait to get started on the border, getting going and working in rows instead of small rounds will be a welcome change! The progress seems faster to me.

I just figured out that I can mail over 10 pounds of afghans to the hospital for about $6.00. (Parcel Post) With gas the way it is, I couldn't drive one way for that price, plus go downtown. My neighbor has offered, but right now I think it would be too cumbersome for her to deal with while going to an appointment. So, USPS will do the job!

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