Friday, January 19, 2007


I don't have a pic yet, but I was in a "play with my yarn" mood. After sorting my OWN stash of yarn, still hadn't gotten it out of my system, so measured and sorted the squares. (I've decided to group them by color first, then size. Some are much bigger or smaller than the others, and I thought rather than try to fudge the borders on them, I'd group "like" sizes...

So, though I had MANY more white background, I decided to do a black background as it was faster (I didn't have to play around with colors...I'm obsessive) and I've got a black one all laid out! I'm assembling squares now!

OK, here's a pic... I've got them all laid out. There are 4 in the middle that are smaller, so they're just sewn together. I'm going to try to make those like a counter pane. You can see a purple one three rows up, two in from left. I've got the round of black done on it.

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