Friday, November 24, 2006

Another batch of squares!

Here is a new square that I received on Wednesday. The petals are made from a yarn that resembles homespun - maybe it is homespun? It gives such a wonderful texture to the petals. Everyone is getting more and more inventive! I love seeing what you are doing with the yarn choices.

Here are all of the new squares so far - the two left ones are from Kitchener, Ontario (Canada - my first squares from a different country!).

To the right on the top row (black background) is from Merrick, NY - LOVE that rainbow variegated. Some girl is sure to have a beautifully bright room with that added in. And below THAT variegated on is another using the same rainbow yarn, but from thousands of miles away - Flomaton, Alabama. Ironic that those two came on the same day, don't you think?

The ones to the far right are from Tucson, Arizona. Two friends worked on their squares together and sent them in the same envelope. Now that's working together!

I'm getting so excited about all of these - I can hardly wait to finish my Christmas gifts to get started on these! I think I will sit for a day or so and just play with the squares, laying them out and admiring them!

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